Where is the installed application

I’m a new Hefftor-user. In the welcome-app there is the possibility to install applications. But where is the installed apllication. E,g. I installed WPS-text, response was " install succesfull" but I can’t find it.

warm regards

Is the button now greyed out? like unclickable after the install?

If it worked correctly then you should find the application in the app launcher. we have LibreOffice not WPS in the launcher.

It depends on the desktop you have. if your using a window manager like bspwm then you should be able to search with rofi. if its a DE then it should be in the application launcher.

If it is not present and the button is still clickable then it didnt install correctly. can you launch the welcome app via terminal and install the application to see if there is a error readout.