Use Compiz on Hefftor XFCE

I am a long-time Linux lover and user, and have been mainly on Ubuntu Gnome and Budgie.

I come across Arco Linux and Hefftor by chance a couple of months ago and I loved it right from the beginning. The XFCE desktop it totally underrated when it comes to both appearance and configurability. The XFCE window manager is also way richer than I expected.

What I am missing, though, are a few more effects that could be added to the windows. I reckon these have been stripped in order to keep the DE’s lightweight and responsiveness. Nonetheless, I thought I give it a try and install the Compiz WM to add the effects from there. I remember having used CWM on Ubuntu a couple of years ago, and it was working fine. To my surprise, the effects I tried on XFCE din’t implement at all.

Is this due to not having loaded the CWM correctly? And if so, would loading it replace the origininal XFCE WM?

How would I proceed to get the effects from CWM working safely? Is using the CWM on XFCE even recommended?

So starten Sie Compiz unter Arch Linux automatisch


Compiz - ArchWiki

](Compiz - ArchWiki)

Compiz/Configuration - ArchWiki

](Compiz/Configuration - ArchWiki)

That actually worked, thank you …

I figured out that I cannot use XFCE4 WM and Compiz WM at the same time.

Replacing the XFCE WM is actually not an option…

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Thank you for your response, which also helps other users with this problem.