Thunar Symbolic Linking Broken (initially)

Hi all,
So I came across this minor bug with my recent XFCE install and it appears there are some broken links when using the Thunar File manager.

Attached a screenshot below, anything on the left side from Documents → Repos is not accessible, since it’s linked to certain user’s setup.

What i’m expecting is that on a clean install it would map to a user’s home directory, easy enough fix is to delete the current shortcuts and remake them. Perhaps in a future release to tweak? Current fix is just simply to delete them and then remake the shortcuts. And when you make a new shortcut, uses the icons from the associated theme pack :slight_smile:

Small thing but hope this helps newcomers out.

Hi Multidivide,

yes, this is debris from the installer. The links in Thunar shouldn’t be there, They are left over from initial the fork made by the maintainer. They know about this issue (I also found it confusing after my first install), not sure when this will be fixed

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