SUDO command sometimes not working

Hello all,

after reinstallting Hefftor 3 weeks ago, I run into the following issue:

Sometimes the sudo command is not working, meaning it doesn’t accept my password. The strange thing is, that this happens only sometimes, so far I couldn’t figure out, what is triggering this behavior. It is not that I type in an incorrect password. To test that I had changed my password to 111 to see whether for some reason I do not manage to type in my password correctly even after a few dozen times. Here it happens again.

After booting I can always use sudo the first time I need it (update say, or admin work). After that it becomes a gamble. I checked that when trying to use sudo again, I couldn’t find a process blocking sudo access. Anyway, from my Linux understanding, it should be possible to execute several commands/processes with super user powers at the same time.

Maybe somebody has an idea what is going on

This is indeed strange behavior, which, according to my research, has not yet been documented in arch-Wiki.
Can I assume that you are using Xfce?
Such behavior is unknown to me in the KDE edition.
I myself would try to boot the system with a different kernel in order to rule out a source of error.

I regret not being able to help. To me, this sounds like a bug that you should report.
And please keep us posted. Thanks :grinning:

Hey Kukubima,

I suspect it has something to do either with the XFCE terminal emulator, will try what happens over time with Konsole. Cannot remember experiencing that issue with KDE. Also, it might have something to do with timeshift, which requires sudo permissions and maybe this is blocking something

Hallo Paisquy,

I deal intensively with timeshift and snapper on Btrfs. Unfortunately I have to go with ext4.

I don’t think Timeshift triggers this “phenomenon” though.

Is it useful to reinstall sudo?

One more tip that I don’t take to heart: Make a note of what you have changed so that you can undo it. :rofl:

Personally, I could get used to updating only after booting.
Please excuse my joke. :grin:

Hey Kukubima,

I suspect XFCE terminal is the culprit. I switched to KDE’s Konsole during the last days and didn’t run into the problem any more. I hope this issue is solved, rather annoying.

Need sudo for some operations like mounting an encrypted MicroSD, as each time I have to create the mount location under /run/media/USERNAME