I want to install this System, but pulseaudio-dlna must work. Does it?

I personally have never tried it sorry.

Pulse audio and some additional packages are preinstalled. I can’t find Pulseaudio-dlna in the repos, but on the internet you can find instructions on how to install this package on Arch Linux in Terminal. Try it out.

Now even faster with the current kernel :rocket:

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Hello are you still there?

Pulseaudio – wiki.archlinux.de

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According to the information I found in ArchWiki (this is always my first address when it comes to questions about Hefftorlinux) I have allows to install pulseaudio-dlna. I couldn’t check it because I don’t use this software. But there is nothing to prevent it from not working.

Incidentally, I assume that the developer / development team has other things to do than test the users’ software. :wink:

Hello @sehnix, I can’t see you. :face_with_monocle:

Yes it does.

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