Not able to install hefftorlinux hefftorlinux-plasma-v2021-06-26-x86_64.iso on virtualbox


I’m trying to install hefftorlinux as VM using virtualbox. when the liveuser is booted and Click “App Launcher → Utilities → Install Hefftor Linux Expert”

Nothing is happening.

I’ve also tried Install Hefftor Linux Basic , Install Hefftor Linux options as well.

I also tried other flavors like xfce, studio but no luck. Any help on this

Hello rajkumar

that’s of course an unpleasant. From my experience the installer utility is a bit unstable. What solved it for me, was to log out (from the live session), then log in again as live user (no password needed as it is a live system). Afterwards the installer app worked as intended.

In the worst case you will have to reboot the live system.

Your issue should not be related to the VirtualBox environment.

Let us know if that worked for you

Hi paisquy,

I tried both the options(logout and login from live user session and reboot the VM) but no luck.
I don’t know what to do now.