Is it ok to create a topic to say thank you?

Man, I’m on a notebook with amd ryzen 5 2500, Radeon dedicated gpu, 24gb of ram, I was having a lot of problem with linux distr based on gnome and other interfaces, lots of freezes and crashes, then I saw this hefftor and gave it a try, all my problems stopped, what a absolutely gorgeous interface and solid rock system, I’m testing it massively and until now no crashes or freezes, so thank you guys for this peace of art…keep up with the great job, sorry for my bad English, big hug from Brazil!!!

Thanks @Andre its always good to know our work is appreciated :smiley:

My pleasure brother, the only issue I found so far is that when I start the os my mousepad stop working, I’ve tried modprobe psmouse and nothing, I see the arrow on screen but I can’t move it, if I use an external mouse it works fine but the built in mousepad of my notebook most of the time don’t work at start of the os, any help solving that I would aprecciate, thanks a lot!!!

My specs on this notebook: Acer aspire 3 notebook, with amd ryzen 52500 with Vega 8 and Gpu Radeon Rx 535 Series dedicated, 24gb of ram, ssd kingston a400.

Have you already looked under input devices in the system settings?

Perhaps this will also help:

How to Fix the Acer Touch Pad and Left Click Not Working …

THanks but it is working fine on windows 10 and ubuntu, only with hefftor it freezes when I start the os, so the issue is betwen notebook and hefftor linux…

Very interesting thing.
I have an Acer Aspire 5 Notebook and the touchpad works.

yep, it works, from 10 restarts it works 3 times and the other 7 it remains freezed, I’ve tried everything I know, I’m not that experienced user so any help I will apreciate…thanks guys

Sometimes it is helpful to change the kernel.

Thanks to the developer (s)
Aesthetics and performance, that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

when I boot into fallback the mousepad works just fine, the problem is I don’t have the skills to troubleshot this issue…