Install multiple desktops

Hi, all, I am still pretty new to ArcoLinux and Hefftor and like both very much.

For the time being, I am using the XFCE desktop, but would like to try other environments like fvwm3 or i3. My aim is to have several desktops to choose from at the login screen.

I have tried to use the Arcolinux Tweak Tool for the installation, but, to my surprise, none of the desktop I chose could be installed. Apparently, there is some sort of package conflict between Arco Linux and Hefftor.

In a video from Eric Dubois he suggests to install the arcolinix-dconf-all-desktop and the arcolinix-dconf packages before proceeding with the installation, but I try to I do so, I get the following error message:

Failed to commit transaction:
conflicting files:
  - arcolinux-dconf-all-desktops-git: /etc/skel/.config/dconf/user already exists in filesystem (owned by hefftor-xfce-dconf-git)

My question: How can I install several desktops in parallel on Hefftor Linux and is it possible to use the Arcolinux Tweak Tool?

Proceed exactly as you did for your first installation.
All you have to do is choose the correct option from the Calamares installation menu.
In this way you can install two more Hefftor DEs in parallel if you wish.

Sorry, I haven’t looked at the Arco Linux tweak tool yet.

hi, @Kukubima , thanks for your reply.

Have you tried this proceeding - running the installer again - yourself? Does this affect the prior installation in any way? Does the installer detect what is already there?

Yes, that is based on my own experience. :wink:

During the live session you can change the size of the first partition in the partition manager, set up the size of the future partition or leave it to the calamares installation.
If the first partition takes up the entire hard disk, it is halved for the second partition. If the 1st partition takes up part of the hard disk, the 2nd partition is formatted on the remaining space.

Good luck!

Many thanks for your thoughts and suggestions, @Kukubima I will try this out as soon as I find some time…

My pleasure.

You can also carry out this procedure with any other ext4 file system.

Hi Mutter,

The Arcolinux Tweak Tool will install Arcolinux packages and not Hefftor packages.

If you want several desktops then you will need to manually install them via terminal. The tweak tool will conflict.

I havent setup the packages for hefftor to support multiple desktops at this time sorry.

Hello @bradheff … many thanks for the reply and sorry for my late answer.

I have managed to install awesomewm from the software tool. So, it worked in the end.

Is it possible to install other desktops the same way, without package conflicts.

@Kukubima has already pointed into a viable direction, I just wonder if the possibility exists.

If your refering to the pamac (software tool) then yes you can install what you want from there. just not some hefftor-desktop specific packages for the default hefftor theme for the specific desktop

Hi @bradheff , thanks for responding to this.

For the last couple weeks I am unable to run pamac, due to the following error:

pamac-manager: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Seems there is a pacman bug.

Is this a common problem?

This problem affects everyone who works with pamac.

Workaround: sudo pacman -Syu libalpm12

Edit: further information on libalpm AUR (en) - libalpm12

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Cool, working perfectly … thanks …

Do I need to revert that once the fix is available?

Something like sudo pacman -Syu libalpm13 ?

I think the updates will fix it. We will see… :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW I never thought that one day I would deal with pamac.
I do everything with pacman.

Alternatives to “Add / Remove Software” GUI:

“Discover” Arch Linux - discover 5.22.0-1 (x86_64)

“Octopi” AUR (en) - octopi

Does pacman have a UI?

No. Pacman is only used in the terminal.

Since pacman 6. many packages can be updated at the same time.
It is a pleasure to watch! :heart_eyes:

Uninstall libalpm12 (is not needed anymore) and do a system update - pamac-aur-10.1.3-1 has been postponed! :grinning:

sudo pacman -R libalpm12

Sudo pacman -Syu

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