Functionalities missing from terminal

Hi, some of the function from the “terminal emulator” is missing like right-click to copy-paste and copying text using ctrl+shift+c. These features are available in “xfce terminal” is there a way I can add these features in the prior?

Shortcut command I am using to open these:

terminal emulator: exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator
xfce terminal: xfce4-terminal

Can someone please also explain the difference between the two?

the terminal emulator command with exo-open will open the default terminal which is URxvt. Since the update a couple weeks ago those functions have broke in URxvt.
Not much we can do until the terminal receives a bug fix update.

You can go into proffered applications and set xfce-terminal as the default terminal to solve the issue of the shortcut opening URxvt

Thanks a lot for the help, will do that!

Hi, I had the same problem and have successfully tried the keyboard shortcuts from this query.

" There are built-in mechanisms for copying/pasting to/from PRIMARY (is used when the user selects some data) and CLIPBOARD (is used when the user selects some data and explicitly requests it to be “copied” to the clipboard, such as by invoking “Copy” under the “Edit” menu of an application). More about different clipboards in X.

For CLIPBOARD buffer it is CTRL+META+C (which is CTRL+ALT+C for standard PC keyboard) for copying and CTRL+META+V (CTRL+ALT+V) for pasting."

You can also select a text in the URXVT terminal and middle-click on it, and it pastes to the end of the terminal.

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thanks! I just changed the shortcut to xfce for now