Fan module missing

My laptop was getting extremely hot, so I checked if my fan module is there

sudo modprobe fan
modprobe: FATAL: Module fan not found in directory /lib/modules/5.10.34-1-lts

What should I do to get my fan working?

I use a lenovo ideapad 320 with Intel i5-7200U CPU

It’s a relative term.
Enter sensors in the terminal to see the actual temperature.

Did you restart your system after the kernel update?

Hi, the temps on my cores are over 90 C. And I restarted the system, now sudo modprobe fan doesnt give any output.

Have you had an issue before?

Perhaps the manual for your laptop will help you. :neutral_face:

Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about the heat development of your laptop.
You have to wait for answers from more competent users.

My Acer does not provide any information about the fan speed by default.

Sensors:   System Temperatures: cpu: 29.8 C mobo: 27.8 C 
           Fan Speeds (RPM): N/A 

The fancontrol GUI from the repos did not help either.

I am very sorry no one answered.
You have probably already exhausted all sources.
But I am sure that your problem has nothing to do with the operating system you are using.

It would be helpful if you could name your graphics card and the DE used and what you did before the problem occurred.

Sorry i been absent so long, the suggestions entered above are basically what i would have mentioned also. Thanks @Kukubima for stepping in.
The only other thing i would suggest go through the wiki and find what is best suited for your machine

Thanks @Bradheff. There is no getting around Archwiki. This is concentrated knowledge and helps everyone who strive for knowledge and or are looking for solutions.

Why are there no error messages regarding the system?

Because it’s perfect!

What irritates me here in the forum is that the questioners hardly give any feedback. You don’t know if you could help or not …

That is the reason why I will hold back in the future.

Hi, I am sorry for not replying so late, it’s just the situation with covid here is not very well and I was wound up with other things. GPU I am using is Nvidia GeForce 920MX and DE is xfce 4.