Disappearing wallpaper +


I installed HefftorLinux xfce to an external ssd and was booting from that. Everything was fine for two days then on booting on the third day, no wallpaper, no icons but an error message appeared (0000003). My folders still exist and so does their content.

Is this a known problem, is there a solution?


This error message is unknown and does not seem to have anything to do with Hefftorlinux: Search results for "fehlermeldung 0000003" - ArchWiki

Due to a lack of information, I am unable to help you.

Maybe the error relates to the work on the interface which has be overlaid on the kernel. I have found my programs and they execute, it is the wallpaper and all the icons I added which have disappeared although the bar at the bottom is intact so it appears that only changes I have made and the wallpaper (which I did look at the various colour schemes) have disappeared.