Broadcom drivers for old macbook pro

I don’t have internet after installing on the macbook pro, I think it’s like 2014. and tried various tutorials and nothing.

Info Network

Broadcom inc. and subsidiaries BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/h wireless lan controller (rev 01)
Ethernet controller netxtreme BCM5764M Gibabit Ethernet PCIe

Hi Anthony,

what does lspci say?

lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network 

So we that the wireless module is recognized properly at least

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You can also post the inxi -N output if you want.

Please search the Arch wiki. I am convinced that you will find the solution there. :wink:

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I think I put the screenshot where it was not, the image is below

From what I can see, there is a driver in use wl

Wireless is not working nonetheless?

MacBook’s hardware is known to be incompatible with Linux.
In any case you have to use a proprietary driver.

Most MacBooks have a Broadcom card built in. The “Broadcom STA” drivers are available for these. However, as a warning: These drivers only work at will on certain kernels (approved by BCM)

Links that might interest you:,x

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noup, that’s the strange thing, right now I have an external tp link, to be able to use hefftor.

so far it is my conclusion, that does not work with new kernels

Have you used a different distro as a live-stick where wifi was working? In that case, you could transfer their solution/approach to Hefftor Linux

You could try installing broadcom-wl-dkms from the repo. This would uninstall the preinstalled broadcom-wl and thus also archboot, which, according to my research, is not essential. So dare you.
If that doesn’t help, you could install and test broadcom-wl-dkms-248 (for older hardware, unfortunately not in the repo) via the terminal. Good luck! @anthonyreikai